As a member of the Small Business Resiliency Network (SBRN), Sister Sky Inc. provides professional technical assistance and other business support services FREE to Native American entrepreneurs in Washington State.

These services are funded by the Washington State Department of Commerce, and are administered through Sister Sky Inc.'s non-profit Native Business Center. Native Business Center is charged with providing services to the 29 federally recognized Tribal communities, and other Native American/Alaskan Natives throughout Washington State. Native Business Center provides ongoing, culturally relevant: training, technical assistance, up-to-date small business information and funding or grant resources to meet the needs of Native American entrepreneurs, artisans, and startups.

The Native Business Center team offers assistance referrals or training for your small business needs in areas such as:

  • Business planning regarding goal setting, growth strategy, marketing, and staffing
  • Information on funding or grant resources
  • Business management and marketing

If you need any technical assistance with your small business, feel free to send a request.

Please learn more about the Small Business Resiliency Network here.

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