August 3, 2022

SPOKANE, Wash. — On Thursday, June 30, Native Business Center, which is powered by Sister Sky Inc., officially launched the Washington State Native Business Directory to support and bring awareness to small businesses owned by Native Americans in Washington State. This project was funded by the Washington State Department of Commerce.

The directory is an ever-growing (and updated) list consisting of native-owned small businesses, aspiring entrepreneurs and creative artisans in Washington state. Prior to the new directory, a comprehensive (Washington state) native-owned small business directory had yet to exist.

During the month of June, the Native Business Center team reached out to Washington State’s 29 federally recognized tribes and gathered as much information as possible regarding native-owned small businesses in their respective tribal communities. The team enthusiastically compiled the information into the new Washington State Native Business Directory.

Composed of a variety of industries such as art, food, beauty, construction, consultation, and private investigation, among others; the directory highlights professional, experienced, skilled and creative native business owners in Washington state.

As of Wednesday, August 3, the count totaled 134 businesses listed in the directory with the team currently vetting potential companies for inclusion to the directory.

To make it easier for people to find specific businesses, categories were added to the directory, sorting businesses as either artisan, automobile, beauty/health & fitness, retail stores, consulting/legal/personal services, food/restaurants, general contracting/construction/electrical/carpentry/logging and other. For those listed in the “other” category, a brief description of the business is provided.

In an effort to best serve Native American small businesses in Washington state, the Native Business Center team is committed to maintaining accuracy of the directory.

Native-owned small businesses in Washington state are encouraged to contact Native Business Center for inclusion in the directory.

Native Business Center, powered by Sister Sky Inc., is a member in-good-standing with the Washington state Small Business Resiliency Network, providing training, technical assistance and other business support services, free-of-charge for Native American entrepreneurs.

The Native Business Center directory can be found here.

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