Tachini Drums is a company that has been selling authentic Native American drum products in traditional designs for over 20 years. These drums are made with materials from trusted suppliers.

As opposed to mainstream culture and businesses that try to represent Native inspired products as genuine, Tachini Drums is authentic. Their website even describes how you can tell the difference between Native inspired and the real deal.

From powwow drums and hand drums to drum accessories and supplies, Tachini carries it all.

Whether you’re looking for Native American percussion items for educational purposes, community events, musical arrangements, or your own personal enjoyment, the company welcomes your interest.

All sales support language revitalization efforts and their master drum maker devotes his time to Salish language research and curriculum development.

You can find their products and learn more about the history and different types of Native American drums here. Also, you can stay up-to-date on their latest activities on their Facebook and Twitter.

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