Started by Shawn Brigman, PhD, in 2015, Salishan Sturgeon Nose Canoes is a Native-owned business business with a focus on increasing visual literacy awareness on signifiers of the unique and distinct northern Plateau canoe styles and village implementations.

The canoe shapes, construction techniques, and other characteristics are created using centuries-old local patterns. Brigman’s creative practice has been focused on ancestral recovery efforts, exploring and transforming the way people read Plateau architectural space. He does this through celebrating the physical revival of ancestral Plateau art and architectural heritage.

His goal is to increase awareness and opportunities for Plateau canoe-making artisans to teach, preserve, present, and protect the integrity of ancestral bark surgeon-nose canoes and his 2013 copyrighted line of canoes from cultural appropriation.

You can find how much he charges for his canoes and learn more about his efforts on his website.

You can also stay up-to-date on what he’s working on the company’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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