Hackers, scammers and online threats are everywhere, and for Hozho Cybersecurity their mission is to help underserved organizations prepare for, respond to, and avoid disruptions resulting from cyber events.

Founder and president RJ Huskey, who began his career in the IBM Corporation, has over 15 years of progressive experience in data privacy, international trade compliance, and managed security services.

The word “Hozho” comes from RJ’s Navajo side, which is the philosophy of one’s “peace, balance and harmony” with everything around them.

As for his logo, it comes from his Hopi side, which uses three overlapping domes that mirror Hopi rain clouds.

The company seeks to be essential to every client’s cybersecurity needs from day one. Their team consists of skilled professionals with the knowledge and expertise to deliver world-class services and help to small and mid-sized organizations stay cyber-secure.

Hozho Cybersecurity offers U.S. Cybersecurity Training and virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) services for K-12, Local and Tribal Government, and small and mid-sized businesses.

Their employee cybersecurity training helps prevent cyber risks from happening in the first place. This involves simulated phishing tests, continuous cybersecurity awareness communications, and boot camp style training for senior leaders.

Cybersecurity training helps reduce financial, legal, operational and reputational risk that result from phishing attacks. K-12 schools, local government, non-profits, small and mid-sized businesses, Tribal Governments and Tribally-owned entities need to be trained and remain on their toes when it comes to this kind of security.

For smaller organizations with limited security budgets that need assistance with cyber risks, Hozho Cybersecurity also offers a vCISO service that can develop policies, disaster plans, conduct simulated phishing tests and more.

You can learn more about their services and make an appointment on their website. You can stay up-to-date on their latest activities on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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