From Real Estate to Plumbing Pros: Unveiling the ACE Journey

At Action Craft Experts (ACE), they’ve crafted a legacy of plumbing excellence from a diverse and experienced background. Meet the dedicated team that powers ACE:

Leeland’s Plumbing Odyssey
With over 25+ years of plumbing experience, Leeland honed his skills at the largest non-union shop in the Inland Northwest. His expertise spans new construction plumbing, custom homes, multifamily projects, and commercial ventures, where he often served as a foreman or project lead.

Involvement with Local 44 Union
During the 2008 recession, Leeland took on ambitious commercial projects, proving the resilience and adaptability of the ACE team. He contributed to iconic structures such as the Davenport Grand, Spokane Tribe Casino, Couer d’Alene Casino, and more.

Building the ACE Legacy
As Spokane’s growth accelerated, Leeland and a friend seized opportunities for side work. Over two to three years, they built the foundation for ACE, expanding their clientele while focusing on repair, remodels, and service.

Josiah’s Contribution
Josiah’s journey took him from a plumbing background to managerial roles. His proficiency in sales and management, acquired at Denver Mattress, was a valuable addition to the ACE team. Together with Leeland, they managed everything from plumbing to office operations.

From Workers to Owners
Josiah’s path within ACE led him from apprentice to becoming a part owner, working alongside Leeland. Together, they managed everything from plumbing to office operations.

A Diverse and Skilled Team
ACE takes pride in its diverse team of professionals, who bring exceptional skills and unwavering commitment to delivering the highest levels of professionalism and craftsmanship to the community.

The ACE Identity
The name “Action Craft Experts” reflects their dedication to thorough expertise. Their vibrant branding mirrors the excitement of the construction industry. The story behind the name is equally inspiring. Leeland, inspired by power and mystery, chose a name that showcased their experience and meticulousness, setting them apart from other plumbing shops.

The vibrant colors in their logo represent the enthusiasm of the construction industry. Action Craft Expert’s slogan, “If you’re looking for a plumber? We’re your Ace in the hole,” was the final piece of the puzzle.

Connect with Action Craft Experts
You can find all of their services on their website, as well as stay up-to-date on their latest activities on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram.

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