August 17, 2022

The day has finally come. Applications can now be submitted for Working Washington Grants: Round 5.

The portal will be open between now and September 9. You can learn more about the grant program here

To help you get your application prepared, here are some resources you can use to learn more about the grant and understand what you need for your application:

• Program Guidelines –

Washington State Department of Commerce –

• ArtsWA –

• How to Apply for your UEI –

• Get a UEI video –

• Washington PTAC (can assist with the application process) –

• Submittable (where to edit/submit application) –

Preparing to Apply for WW5 & Convention Center Grant Opportunities –

Also, here is a link to a list of webinars you can attend to learn more about the program.

If you want to find out which businesses are ineligible for the grants. You can look at the FAQ document in the link on page 16.

Important notice to applicants:

The federal government no longer uses the DUNS (Data Universal Number System) and has shifted to the UEI (Unique Entity Identifier). As of April 2022, recipients of grants using federal funds are required to have a UEI, which replaces the DUNS Number. You may apply for grants without a UEI but cannot receive funds until you can provide one. If you don’t have one yet, you may want to apply now.

You can also find out how to apply for an EIN number in this video.

If you would like any technical assistance do not hesitate to us here at the Native Business Center. We will help you with anything you need for your application. Whether it’s getting a UEI, going over criteria, documents, or any other step in the application, we can assist you.

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