Desiree was inspired to start Redstar Creations when she couldn’t find a group that she was comfortable showcasing her beadwork.

The name Redstar (Kwíl Kw Kw‘ usm) was gifted to her by a Coeur d’Alene tribal elder and the Salish spelling was adapted by a Spokane tribal elder.

While she learned how to bead when she was 10-years-old, it wasn’t until her girls started powwow dancing that she started beading again.

“My kids inspired me to bead and sew for them and then as they grew and left home I continued beading,” Desiree said.

In 2018, she began beading full-time. As her husband’s physical health started deteriorating due to an old military injury, beading has become a great way to supplement their income while letting her be home with her husband.

“The most important thing about me is that my family always comes first,” she said. “They are my light and love and the inspiration behind every piece of jewelry, and accessories that I create.”

Even though she does this full-time, as an artist Desiree also tries to prioritize her well-being so she doesn’t get burnt out.

“Beading requires planning, patience and it is only me creating a project. At times I get carried away and will spend 8-12 hours a day beading,” She said. “So sometimes as an artist and most artists we need to step away and take care of ourselves so we don’t get burned out.”

Desiree is always open to custom orders. People can contact her via Facebook or Instagram to discuss orders they may want.

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