Whether you’re looking for a handmade purse, buckskin belt, or small things such as earrings, handkerchief slides, lighter cases, and so forth, Sylvia Jane Peasley has what you’re looking for.

Working on hides runs in the family. Her grandmother, Sasoyapum, worked hides growing up as did her aunt, Delia Covington. Sylvia then began helping Nettie Francis, an elder from Keller, Washington, as she taught her more in working hides and tanning buckskin.

Sylvia has been making rawhide art for 10 years. The designs she sees in her head are based on traditional art and beadwork passed down through her family.

It makes her so happy to work a raw deer hide and turn it into something beautiful that she sees out in the floor at powwows or ceremonies throughout the Northwest, and other states.

You can find samples of her work on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

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