Since he was a teen, Taveus has been selling shoes, which turned more into a hobby once he got older. However, he realized it could help him make some decent income, which led him to start buying as many shoes as he could from people.

From groups on Facebook to friends, he would look anywhere that could give him the best deal on shoes, which he turned into profit.

Last year he held pop up shops, giveaways, had people come to the park when he would record his YouTube videos and give away shoes.

Then, he started thinking about how important it was to build a team, especially when it comes to business. That was when he started reaching out to local businesses that he knew personally and developed where they could grow and help each other to be the best entrepreneurs they could possibly be.

Not only does he sell shoes, he’ll also fix them up if people need it, and has a friend that can restore them.

Also, he’s investing a lot of time and effort into his YouTube channel as well to help the business grow.

You can find his YouTube channel here, as well as stay up-to-date on his latest activities on Facebook and Instagram.

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