INDIGINIZE THE AIRWAVES! Native American Music. First Nations Music. Indigenous Music. International Tribal Music.

We support and honor all indigenous peoples and the art that binds us – music. Daybreak Star Radio is not tied to one genre of music. Playing everything from traditional drums, Pow Wow, Native flute, and rattles to R&B, Hip Hop, Rock & Roll, Metal, Funk, and more.

This radio station is for all the Nations and all the music the people produce, write, create, and play.

We play 96% Native American music and up to 4% of music from those who specifically support Indigenous causes or have spent significant time learning Native instruments and styles.

Native American music continues to thrive and evolve and we intend to provide the platform for established and new artists to showcase their work. Daybreak Star Radio Network is the station for American Indian and Tribal music!

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