“Integrity, Precision, Construction.” Those are the three words users see when they go onto D-McP Construction’s website.

Owned by brothers David and Andrew McPherson, the company is a full service general contractor that provides project planning and management, including self-performing excavation and concrete.

Their mission and values are based on these seven principles:

  • Benefit Family and Friends
  • Create an environment that fosters love, learning, laughter and mutual success.
  • Value and protect integrity.
  • Admit and quickly correct their mistakes.
  • Be self-starters, caring persons, and good listeners with open minds.
  • Always grow and learn.
  • Facilitate and celebrate the success of others.

Some of their completed projects include the WSU Spokane south parking lot, for which they they performed the excavation and hauling, and completed the main scope of work within seven days; Orchard Park Pavilion in Liberty Lake where they constructed a four thousand square foot canopy; and STCU Bonner where they performed general carpentry.

You can find a list of their current projects on their website. Also, you can see their latest activities on their LinkedIn and Facebook.

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