Preserve the past, share the future. Counting Coup Media’s mission is simple.

Although they run as a traditional production company serving many clients, they relish the opportunity to work with Native American tribes on any cultural project.

It all started with a group of film students at The Art Institute of Seattle; Michael Kane, Ryan Abrahamson, Geordey Sherrick and Aaron Ling. As they worked on a short film, they decided to start a production company and Ryan had the idea of establishing it in Spokane. From there, they met Nick Bowers and Madaline Brine, who added new flare to the company.

As a Native-owned multi-cultural business, they feel it’s their responsibility to make sure that stories and language is shared for future generations.

Whether it’s through film, photography or animation, they want to tell your story.

Some of their projects include films like “Red Road” and “Manic Macabre,” and campaigns for suicide prevention and opioid prevention.

You can learn more about them on their website, as well as keep up-to-date about their latest activities on their Facebook and Instagram.

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