Vina Brown is the owner and creator of Copper Canoe Woman (CCW), a small family-owned business. CCW is an Indigenous jewelry design business whose aesthetic is rooted in ancestral culture, stories, and adornment art. The essence of CCW is about showcasing authentic place-based, yet modern Indigenous designs. Their jewelry is infused with elements of Vina’s coastal Indigenous culture and identity.

Vina loves classic vintage maximalism while still honoring simplicity.

She remembers watching her granny, Elsie, weave for hours, who would sit in her rocking chair with sports on the radio or TV. Vina would play on the floor beside her, feeling at ease and very content in those moments. What she didn’t realize was her granny was transferring knowledge to her. Often times she would give Vina strips of cedar to weave with and make mats.

CCW advocates for issues that directly impact their communities, the environment, and support the healing and reclamation of land, culture, wellness, and more. Vina’s partner, Mike, is Hopi and works with her full-time as an artist and designer.

You can learn more about the company on their website, as well as stay up-to-date on their latest activities through their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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