Brave is a company that is focused on products that we use everyday, but plastic free. Whether it be body soaps, lotions, or dish soap, owner Nicole Braswell says we need to go back to basics and learn more about what the use of single-use plastics is doing to the Earth and future generations. She wants to create products that are consumable, not wasteful.

For Nicole, her company Brave was inspired by her family and daughters. She wanted to provide them with eco-friendly products that were plastic-free and safe for them growing up in the future. She wants to make sure her company is leaving a positive impact for all.

After learning about the harmful effects that plastics had on the Earth, Nicole knew she had to make a change for her family.

“I knew I didn’t want them to grow up in a harmful environment, and teach them the ways of natural products that are plastic free!” she said. “It’s in our roots, our DNA, we have been sustainable for years and we need to go back to that!”

The name of the company has less to do with what the company is about, but more of what Nicole wants for her daughters.

She wants to teach them to be brave in all areas of life, and that they can achieve anything they want to if they just choose to be brave.

“I had to teach myself to do this is creating a business,” she said. “I knew what I wanted to do, but I knew I had to be brave in order to do it! And if I’m going to teach my girls anything, I had to be the example for them, and future girls!”

She wants others to know that she has fought through all of the negative outcomes when it came to starting her business and said others can do it too.

“Always believe in yourself and your dreams,” she said. “You can achieve all this world has to offer!”

You can purchase of her soaps on From Here Spokane’s website or at the following stores throughout Spokane: From Here, The Candle Bar Co, Bee You Organics, and Sweet Repeat Kids & Maternity.

Also, you can follow her and stay -up-to-date on her latest activities on Facebook and Instagram.

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