For those looking for body products to add to their self care routine, Body Be Bee, LLC has what you need.

What inspired Breanna to start her company was how she’s always loved products and working with her hands, and she wanted to make something positive out of all the negative experiences she’s had with her own skin sensitivities.

She became comfortable with starting Body By Bee, LLC after a respected elder loved her products.

“The recipes are my own, and any product that was inspired by another creator, I tag that creator on my Instagram page,” she said.

Breanna puts a lot of love into her products which includes peach bubble fizz, vanilla sugar scrub and several different body butters. Her favorite things about her business is the process and flow state she gets into when it comes to making these products.

You can buy her products on her website and stay up-to-date on her latest activities on her Facebook and Instagram.

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