The name Beading Hearts has a special and personal meaning behind it.

The idea for it first came to consciousness in 2019, during a dark period in Madison’s life. She believes her grandmothers have guided her to this path, so she named her business in their honor.

“My ancestors have taught me to remember my roots, to keep a grateful attitude and to give back to those that have contributed to my journey,” she said.

Here are some of the earrings she’s crafted:

A majority of her beading supplies have been gifted to her from loved ones and has gathered her own supplies too.

“To me, Beading Hearts is hope and medicine, it means reparations, it is truly from the heart. It is so much more than I am currently able to share, but one day I will tell you the story,” Madison said.

You can find her products on her website and see more of her crafts and latest activities on her Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

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