As a child, Falisha Steplight wasn’t able to openly experiment with makeup and would often apply it in secret at school, according to Native Business.

When she was finally allowed to wear it openly, she went a little overboard with it but the art side of it is what really inspired her.

Even though her degree is in early childhood education, she eventually found her calling in the beauty industry and began building Native American clientele.

Soon she was inspired to open her own eyebrow studio, leading to the establishment of Arch Salon & Spa, and Arch Brow Studio.

At Arch Salon & Spa, their services include facials, microblading, specialty services in brows and lashes, hair care, and massages, among others. You can find a full of their services on their website. You can also stay up-to-date on their latest activities on Facebook and Instagram.

As for Arch Brow Studio, they provide microblading and microshading, as well as a services called the “Red Carpet Brow Treatment.” You can learn more about it on their website. They have a Facebook and Instagram too.

Through her services, Steplight wants to boost women’s confidence, and currently owns and operates two locations in Lacey, Washington.

She is also a co-owner of Babygee’s Nail Bar, which you can follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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