Introducing Piilani Benz, a proud Hawaiian Native and the visionary founder of Alliance West Insurance, a community-driven enterprise safeguarding Tacoma, WA since 2009.

About Piilani and Alliance West Insurance

Piilani’s journey in the insurance industry transcends policies; it’s a testament to building enduring relationships. With a cultural touch, Piilani values the trust embedded in every referral from family, friends, and business associates. Alliance West Insurance specializes in various coverage, from auto and home insurance to business and life, ensuring tailored protection for each client.

Commitment to Excellence

Alliance West Insurance is licensed in 25 states and stands out for its commitment to excellence. Every client interaction is personalized, reflecting a deep understanding of individual needs. The business thrives on the belief that the highest compliment is a referral, showcasing the trust and satisfaction clients place in their hands.

TERO Certification by the Puyallup Tribe since 2011

In addition to their commitment to excellence in 25 states, Alliance West Insurance proudly holds TERO certification by the Puyallup Tribe since 2011. This certification reflects their dedication to upholding the standards set by the Tribal Employment Rights Office, emphasizing the importance of tribal employment and economic development.

Confidentiality and Professionalism

Understanding the sensitivity of the information handled, Alliance West Insurance maintains the utmost confidentiality. The team recognizes the privileged nature of the data entrusted to them, ensuring professionalism in every aspect of communication and service.

Connect with Alliance West Insurance

Supporting an Indigenous small business has never been easier. Connect with Alliance West Insurance through their online platforms:

Important Note: While Alliance West Insurance appreciates inquiries, please be reminded that coverage adjustments cannot be made via voicemail. For any changes or concerns, kindly contact an authorized representative. The business thrives on your trust and referrals, contributing to a community that’s not only insured but also empowered.

Choose Alliance West Insurance for a blend of culture, commitment, and community – where protection meets personal connection.

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