Whether you need someone to clean your house from top to bottom or a specialized restaurant hood cleaning expert, you can turn to AAA Superclean Inc. for your needs.

The owner, Alan Alexander, is a giver and helper by nature, and the company gives everyone who wants to work a chance and a job.

“This company truly provides any service any business or corporation, restaurant may need, if you need it done, fixed, changed, etc,” said executive assistant Whitney Appleby. “This company is gonna do it to the most top shelf service there is.”

They offer kitchen exhaust cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, event services, commercial cleaning, office cleaning, restaurant cleaning, casino cleaning and more!

“We do construction, commercial HVAC work, concerts set up, anything with pressure washing, sell and provide custodial supplies under the name Tulalip Paper, anything you name it, Alan and his staff have a guy/girl and a crew to get it done whenever you need it,” Appleby said.

Their small team has provided kitchen exhaust cleaning to over 200 restaurants and casinos.

Not only do they provide high-quality solutions to keep your home, office, restaurant, and car furnishing clean and fresh, they can also provide you with staff for:

  • Groundkeeping
  • Temporary Employment
  • Emergency Situations
  • Short and long-term cleaning
  • At your company or job site
  • And more!

They have two crews day and night everyday and work weekends. Not only do they provide their services to locals, they also travel all over western Washington for jobs.

The company continues to improve their techniques while staying up-to-date with new ways to address each cleaning service, remodeling project, and other tasks they do.

You can learn more about their services and find out how to contact them on their website.

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