An honest person who always appreciates constructive criticism, Kiera Hillaire is a photographer who takes abstract and regular photos of nature that are printed onto canvases.

Inspiration to start her business came from her friends and family, who were impressed with her photos.

When she saw their reactions, it made her want to share her work with others so they too can observe nature from a different perspective.

Even though she started A Walk with Nature when she was 18-years-old, Kiera has been doing photography since she was 12.

Some of her work includes photos of Lambs Ear leaves, orange lilies, cracks on a boulder, and other beautiful and mysterious aspects of nature caught within a single frame. Each photo has a brief reflection from Kiera and what she feels the photo represents.

Even though she is the owner, A Walk with Nature is also a family-owned business.

You can buy her work on Etsy and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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